Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gambar Hantu Di Hutan

gendruwo have you ever go to the forest. yes some times forest is really scary, thre some thing that make us scary which is appear and looked like a ghost. Gendruwo ghost, much to the delight of my children and my cats. Woe to the lizard who gets anywhere near the path of my children. He is instantly deemed “Lizzy” and trapped in a cup and tormented for hours with different “homes” and occupations. Those that get near my cats often leave without their tails. gendruwo ghost is looked like a monkey.

Some time the kuntilanak ghost, they like clean pools because they like to use them AS BATHROOMS. And so my poor pool guy had to tell me that, unfortunately, we have a raccoon who has decided our pool is clean enough for his heinie, and he keeps leaving gifts on the top step of our pool. Which, first of all, EWWWW. And secondly, really? Seriously? I have a raccoon pooping in my pool? is this picture is looked like a ghost picture? i dont think so :)

hantu kuntilanak

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